The Basics

Hey my name’s Brian and I like developing the interwebs. I like it so much I do it for a living, complain about my work, go home do more of the same work for myself, then write stuff like this for your (hopeful) enjoyment. Let’s rewind back about a year ago: I barely knew HTML, could only make rudimentary, ugly sites that would render like a potato on any screen that wasn’t the exact width of the one which I was working on, and didn’t know the difference between Java and JavaScript let alone how to use them.

Through intense study, neglecting my children and relationships and leveraging my addictive personality, I programmed my way into a job as web developer and have been loving every minute of it! Now, I know the difference between Java and JavaScript and even how to use JS in some meaningful ways but… yeah, I know some web stuff now I guess, I mean, I feel comfortable enough to write this (using a computer no less!) but every time I go to a Meetup, talk shop with the guys at work or try to learn a new framework, it feels like I’m a freaking n00b again, barely able to talk and code at the same time. “I’m not worthy,” I think, “How in the hell am I getting paid to do this?” “Will I ever be able to ask a question on Stack Overflow?”

The speed at which web development changes is what makes it an awesome field to be part of, but can also make it daunting. Unit tests, the plethora of JavaScript frameworks, CSS compilers, API’s, etc. make working with web a lifelong decision to keep learning.

This blog won’t delve into the intricacies of ES6 or the theoretical underpinnings of MVC architecture, no, there are enough blogs that do that. Sometimes you just want an easy-to-understand explanation of difficult concepts and practical ways to use them, hopefully that’s what we will do here! Have a question? Something you’re hoping we cover? Hit me up at

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