Yeah, I’m Still Using Angular 1.XX

I work as a web developer in the Bay Area, home of expensive toast, long lines for said toast and the battle ground for every new framework and programming paradigm that comes out. I also work with a couple bootcamps in the area and get to rub shoulders with the cool kid programmers that teach at these places a few days a week. “What are you working with these days?” they inevitably ask. One bearded, burrito eating fellow will ramble on about functional programming paradigms in redux and react, an even cooler, mustachioed, fixed bike riding lad will one up him and tell him about his team using Elm, and then there’s me… “Uhh, we’re using Angular.” If anyone in this group was wearing a monocle, it surely would have comically popped out by now.

“Like Angular 2 or 4?” they pry. “No. Angular 1.” By now, the mustachioed chap has fainted and the fellow with the burrito is choking on the oil soaked tortilla he was cramming down his gullet. I slowly slink out of the classroom and retire to my closet to write more Angular 1.XX code in privacy.

Now maybe this is a slight exaggeration but there seems to be a strong backlash against 1.XX these days. I mean I get it, Angular went to 2, fuck 3 and went straight to 4. Not minor changes either, but basically giving us two completely different frameworks with a lot of light between them. But before you jump on the hating bandwagon with all the other cool kids, remember, a lot of shit was built with Angular 1.XX. A lot. And many companies aren’t just going to change over to a component based architecture just because that’s the trend at the moment.

What’s so wrong with Ang 1.XX anyways? Oh, you don’t like the built in API’s that make cookies, http requests, forms and other chores way easier to do? Two way data binding might not be all the rage now, but you’re a goddamned lie if you can’t admit that Angular speeds up the development process even (and maybe because) it asbstracts some of the Javascript away from the creation process by offering us filters, ng-repeat, ng-change and ng-model among other things. React by comparison is a more pure view library, relying on ES6 to do those things that Angular bakes into their framework (think map vs. ng-repeat).

I don’t mean to rage against the dying of the light here but I’d be shocked if Angular 1.XX is completely obsolete anytime soon, I’d be just as surprised if it doesn’t eventually die off like most other frameworks and libraries. At the end of the day, Angular 1.XX, bastard child Angular 2, React, Vue, Redux, etc, are tools for us to use to create things. So stop looking down your pointy nose through your toast crusted monocle at devs still using Angular 1.XX. We’ll all be switching to something else one day… now, back to my closet.

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